Org Languages: English undp Poverty Center's "One Pagers" anuncios are online publications aiming spezia to raise awareness on technical issues of anuncios poverty measurement and policies for poverty reduction among a wide audience.
Org incontrii Languages: English French Spanish The Development nápoles Gateway's Gender and Development topic area is envisioned as a common platform for gender and development related resources, information, and dialogue.
Executive summary: the gender and equity sexo implications of land-related investments on land access and labour and income-generating opportunities A case study of selected agricultural investments in Lao PDR www.Edu Languages: English Subtitled "The Challenges bakeca in Development Aid this research paper recommends that post-conflict reconstruction projects systematically address gender issues and promote nápoles gender equality to make peace work.Although it affects all social classes and groups, women (and poor women in particular) are among the most affected.Six and a half million of these child labourers are aged between five and 14 years-old.World Bank press release, unesco Future Forum: The Potential Impact of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis anuncios on Women and Gender Equality Languages: English This report examines women's labour market situation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Western Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in the context of the social and economic transformations in the region in the past 15 Languages: English From October 2004 to January 2005, WomenWatch hosted a series of online discussions on the Platform's critical areas of concern and other important issues to provide input into the review and appraisal of the Bejing Declaration and Platform for Action.FAO can achieve sexo its goals only if it simultaneously works towards gender equality and supports women's diverse roles in agriculture and rural development. The Report also focuses on four priority areas for policy going forward: (i) reducing excess female mortality and closing education gaps where they remain, (ii) improving access to busca economic opportunities for women orbetello (iii) increasing women's voice and agency in mujer the llegar household and in society and.
Unctad aims to asiático contribute to the analysis of orbetello the linkages between trade policy and gender equality, and to the related international debate, by looking at annonce specific country experiences.Unctad, 2009 Trade pareja Liberalisation orbetello and Women Languages: English The aim is to bring together relevant data on trade issues and their gender-differentiated impact orbetello on women.UNU, 2006 Poverty among women in Latin America: Feminization or over-representation?The Accra Accord resulting from hombres the Twelfth Ministerial Conference (unctad XII, Accra, Ghana, 20) requested unctad to strengthen its work on the linkages between trade and internationally agreed development goals and objectives, including gender equality hombres ( Languages: English Mid-Term Evaluation.Women In 33 Countries Highly Vulnerable To Financial Crisis Effects www.Desa, 2008 Expert meeting on mainstreaming gender in trade policy (10 - ) www.Decent rural employment for food security: A case for action www.Thematic Issues and Critical Areas of Concern Critical Areas of Concern Women and the Economy, there are considerable differences in women's and men's mujer access to and opportunities to exert power over economic structures in their societies.